Conille’s Resignation:A Stand for Rights

Bravo for Prime Minister Gary Conille.  He stuck to his convictions that cooperating with parliament is important.  His insistence on answering the call by parliament to submit his–and his cabinet’s–nationality papers pushed Pres. Martelly to show his power hungry approach and so the PM has resigned.  He was only approved by Parliament last fall, the previous nominations clearly in the category of totally unacceptable nominations.  Mr. Conille, a physician and long time human services worker in the UN, certainly was seen as someone Haiti needed in the post-quake time.  He is a pro and has given an example to us all in these days of chasing after money to fix Haiti.  The same is true for Sen. Jean-Charles, perhaps even more so because I don’t hear about life threats against Mr. Conille.

I’m alarmed by the already large number of sectors more than critical of Pres. Martelly’s growing power grabs.  I’m reprinting  an editorial in Le Matin by Daly Valet.  A blockbuster.  This is what commitment to democracy looks like.

Le Matin, 1.26.12

by Daly Valet

Babbling. Moïse Jean-Charles , the great gadfly. Barking. Moïse Jean-Charles, the wild animal stalking Martelly. Stupidities. This activist from the steamy roads of the North is despicable. A steep cliff. Even matriarch Odette Roy Fombrun is about to sound the alert for us. The Republic is on a precipice. If Moïse Jean-Charles and his followers eventually succeed against President Martelly, it is all over for Haiti. Judgment Day. Armageddon. What have we not said about that Senator fault-finder who dared question the presidential chair of Martelly?

No one knows what will be done at the National Palace, the days after a Head of State of Haiti is strongly suspected of not being legally Haitian. God, Martelly, Italians, Americans. Only this foursome holds the intimate real truth about the supposed multi-nationality of our president. God no longer seems to be speaking to men. Martelly is dangerously making everything subjective which is more serious for the Republic. The Italians? Apart from the clichés that Hollywood transmits to us and the TV gives us from their “Don Corleone,” their “Paolo Rossi”, and with what we are brought from the history of art and that of their political ideas, their Dante, their Michelangelo, their Machiavelli, we do not know enough from our small Caribbean vantage point, about the Italians,  their customs and diplomatic policies, to see how they would treat their “Martelly’s,” real or imagined, when they swim in the troubled Haitian waters. As for the Americans, we know enough. Let perish ten thousand Haitian presidents, Martelly or not, if they persist in getting in the way of their seasonal agendas arising from their distorted views of our country.

We all know that Haiti will not die if the multi-nationality of Mr. Martelly were to be confirmed. This country has seen worse than the strange fact of having a foreigner, thoroughbred Haitian, in the National Palace. His removal from office, his presidential duties, for criminal and constitutional grounds, does not sign the death warrant of the Republic. On the contrary. Or at the least, a responsible management by the elite and the people on the street, in compromise and calm in any crisis that would result from a political development–however unfortunate and undesirable–would only emphasize the slow and steady maturation of the democratic process .

Thanks to the allegations, now becoming, in part, revelations, of Senator Jean-Charles, a Senate committee has been able to confirm for the country that some highly placed members of the Martelly-Conille government at least hold a foreign nationality. Infractions. Irresponsible negligence on the part of these officials who were responsible for the evaluation of records of “Haitian” personalities for joining the government team. In a constitutional state of law, a constitution counts. The affinities of clans ought not at all be the frames of reference in forming a government. “Vetting!”. “Screening!” If police officers are subjected to such administrative and procedural rigors there is no reason that at the highest levels of state just anyone can be called to any state job. The Republic JPP – “Jan, pase, pase” –(people of the past are past) has had its day. The entire country still bears the scars. Let’s put an end to it! Once and for all.

The proof of prohibited and schizophrenic relationships that our elites have forged with the law, throughout history, is well established. We remain, as a people, unrepentant recidivists in public and private criminal acts .  If we want our professions of faith to be in conformity with our deeds and our vows for good citizenship, for our country, to take shape, we must rid ourselves of this lax culture so that we have responsible government authorities in a republic of laws and a civic ethic in our private businesses.

Mr. Martelly moves a lot. He is very active. He is present. Ubiquitous. On TV. In the streets. Posters. Never before  has there ever been such a president of the democratic era. Bulimia of words. Overexposure. Presidential stardom, very suspect with regard to the bicameral constitutional regime. His National Palace eventually cannibalized the Prime Minister. The existence of the Prime Minister Conille remains fixed in the fetal position. Early fossilization. Paternalistic failure. With his good intentions proclaimed, his hyperactivity and relative omnipotence as Head of State–which seems to make all spheres of government his private domain–Mr. Martelly must not fail to tell the country the truth about his nationality. The truth. Nothing but the truth. The vagueness and doubt about the legitimacy and viability of a presidential term do not help anyone. Even less, potential foreign investors at the time of  “business diplomacy”.

We’re holding our breath. And pray to God that the facts disprove the suspicion. Otherwise, the alarming ubiquity of Mr. Martelly may become a disturbing presence. Even a delightful absence if forced to step down. Thanks to Moïse Jean-Charles.

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