1. On the ground partnership

HURAH has a special partner, a volunteer, in Haiti now.  His name is Gentilhomme Jean-Gilles, “GH”.  Since 2007 he has helped Hurah and then spent a year in training with us.   He still works with the legal assistance program, AUMOHD.  He has undertaken risky work in violent situations where he has played a non-violent influence for conflict resolution.  He wishes to continue playing this role.  He will be supporting us in our work, helping to do research, advocacy and in particular will assist with Grand Ravine’s scholarship program.

We do contribute to Gentilhomme’s expenses: gasoline, telephone, rent, repair of equipment.   DONATE


2.HOPE FOR HAITI: EDUCATION – Scholarship program for 170 children in Gran Ravine funded by St. Columba Parish, Oakland, Ca.  To see a video of a celebration of year 1 (2010-11) click here: Hope For Haiti:Education

As one of our major accompaniment missions, the Community Human Rights Council of Grand Ravine CHRC-GR, has become tied to Hurah once again.  Hurah has coupled the parish of St. Columba in Oakland with the CHRC-GR in a sizable scholarship program raising money for school materials (shoes, uniforms, books) and tuition.  The students here are pictured with our Hurah Human Rights Defender, Gentilhomme Jean-Gilles (GH) and CHRC-GR President Jean Ernest Point-du-Jour.  Hurah has maintained liaison, GH has gathered information, taken pictures, and will do follow-up.

We hope to assist in finding resources for food and clean water in the coming year.

If you are interested in helping funding this, send checks to St. Columba Parish, Haiti Committee, 6401 San Pablo Ave. Oakland, CA 94608  Annual fees are – Kindergarten:$194; Primary:$219; Jr. High: $251 To see a video of a celebration of year 1 (2010-11) click here: Hope For Haiti:Education



Events in the last year with the presidential elections and currently have shown an alarming trend toward practices that have traditionally been detrimental to human rights especially for the most impoverished.  There are already practices in place that again threaten a democratic rule.  We are especially concerned with the illegalities involved in the election of President Martelly, with his growing list of controversial actions regarding his relationship with parliament, with the lack of prosecution of human rights atrocities committed by the Duvalier regimes, and with the move to restore an army for Haiti.  We will work closely with other human rights groups in promoting counter actions.  We will provide resource materials to better understand these new threats to human rights.  Check entries in the Hurah site map to the right.

To contribute to HURAH’s mission, please visit the HURAH donation page.

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