HURAH Volunteers

Accompaniers from the US and Italy after the 2010 earthquake help AUMOHD restore services. New tees promote human rights and non violence.

1. Organizing: If you would like to help organize the new Hurah, working the database, finding what members want to do, please let us know!  E-mail Tom Luce

2. Research: Keeping track of human rights threats is a difficult job.  Help us gather factual research and actions that we can support.  E-mail Tom Luce

2)FUNDRAISING:  Although we have no more funded programs, there will be needs for raising money that could help the human rights struggles.  The needs are very simple:  basic communications, money for transportation, repairs to automobiles, money for tents, tarps, food and clean water. HURAH will consider any and all fundraising ideas, from bake sales to grant proposals.  Are you an expert grant writer?  We need your help.

E-mail Tom Luce if you would like to help fundraise for HURAH.

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