DONATE! History-AUMOHD, Now HHE-Hope For Haiti:Education, see below!

HISTORY: AUMOHD and its President, Atty. Evel Fanfan were under threat and attack of late–nothing new– and are in need of financial help–in 2007-9.  I–Tom Luce, coordinator of HURAH–was using our former “donate” page to inform people how to contribute to AUMOHD. We used Fonkoze Haiti’s foremost micro-lending institution helping the poor of Haiti, to send donations. HURAH closed down in 2011, no longer a 505(c)(3).
BUDGET: There were two budget items most important to deal with this latest violence, 1)recover the mobile education materials to continue organizing the people in spite of the threats; 2) airline tickets to bring the children and Atty. Fanfan to a safe haven.
Power 3000W 1          $2500USD
Mixer 24 Ch1               $1800USD
Equalizer 1                   $1680USD
Speaker PV 18p 6      $3,000USD 500X6
Deck 1                             $480USD
Micro2                              $340USD 170X2
Cable 3 pieds                  $120USD
Technicien 1                    $500USD
TOTAL:   $10,420USD
2. AIRLINE TICKETS: 3 children + Atty Fanfan  @$480USD = $1920USD


Donate to Hope For Haiti:Education!

St. Mary Magdalene students, Grand Ravine, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Hope For Haiti: Education

Hurah was closed down in 2011. In 2010 before the earthquake a new program, Hope For Haiti:Education-HHE, was developed with Tom Luce’s connection to the Grand Ravine section of Port-Au-Prince. There was the Grand Ravine Community Human Rights Council- GR/CHRC that Hurah helped develop. It requested a program of scholarships for the most impoverished students in their area. Five schools were in the original program. Now HHE is only giving scholarships to two schools, St. Mary Magdalene in Grand Ravine (original member of the 5 schools) and St. Bernadette parish school in Martissant. To get the full story of this Hurah related program, go to Hope For Haiti: Education. There you can donate to this program all the more important as life in Haiti has degenerated into more violence and brutality, as well as affected by Covid-19.

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