Posted by: petertluce | February 23, 2010

A Delmas Tent City And A Visit to Evel Fanfan’s Neighborhood

After the HRC meeting, HURAH was invited to visit a tent city set up in a soccer stadium near AUMOHD‘s headquarters in Delmas.   Despite continued difficulties with aid distribution, the camp was very calm and organized, and each resident is identified according to the neighborhood they evacuated and their family connections.  Far from chaotic, the tent communities HURAH has visited have been impressive.

Delmas Tent City

Delmas Tent City

HURAH also visited Evel Fanfan’s Delmas neighborhood, very heavily damaged in the earthquake.  He and his family are lucky to be alive.  His home, only half-completed before the quake, was severely damaged.

Evel Fanfan's home

Evel Fanfan's damaged home

Other buildings in the neighborhood were completely destroyed.

Destruction in Delmas

Another complete collapse.

Collapsed homes in Delmas

These homes next door to Fanfan’s house were totally demolished.

Delmas damage

The stairs on the side of Evel’s home.

Cracked Stairs to Evel's House

Miraculously, no one in Evel’s family was injured in the quake.

Behind Evel's Home

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