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Central Plateau – Impunity For Political Violence 2002-06

JUSTICE IN CENTRAL PLATEAU CAMPAIGN-2007 – 200+ Documented Cases of political violence against innocent people by paramilitaries

with AUMOHD, August, 2007, victims and families

For inquiries on the status of this campaign with AUMOHD which never was completed,
write Tom Luce. Although progress was made under the Alexis administration, it was short lived when he was dismissed
by parliament. The cases still remain on file with AUMOHD–not destroyed by the quake as happened with the justice department itself. The hope is to bring them forward. The earthquake has made this all the more difficult. Tom Luce 5.29.10

Chamblain, accused killer

#1- AUMOHDLetter to President Préval 10/24/07(below)

#2- AUMOHD Report (link to document)

#3- Haiti
article by Wadner Pierre (link to article)

#4- PetitionOnline (click
here to sign the petition

#1 – AUMOHD letter to President Préval

Port-Au-Prince, Oct. 24, 2007

His Excellency René G. PRÉVAL
President of the Republic of Haiti
National Palace

Mr. President:

The Executive Committe of the Association of Un iversity Grads Motivated For
A Haiti With Rights-AUMOHD–which has as its basic mission to promote the rights
and dignity of the human person, legally recognized and registered with the
Haitian State, gives you its compliments for your wisdom and skill in the leading
of the ship of state, and has the distinct honor of submitting to you this report
entitled, “Central Plateau, Mirabalais-Lascahobas-Belladère: Former
Soldiers and Armed Civilians, Impunity Writ Large”, which relates a variety
of misdeeds by former soldiers and armed civilians carried out in the Central
Plateau, particularly in Mirabalais, Lascahobas and Belladère, during
the period beginning in 2002 through 2005, reporting on the facts and the principal

Knowing that the Haitian State, headed by yourself at the highest level, has
the absolute obligation to guarantee the right to life, security and respect
for the human person of all citizens without any distinction in conformity with
the Constitution of March 29, 1987 and with the Universal Declaration of Human
Rights, the Committee would like you to take charge of this case in order to
give instructions to the authorities concerned (Minister of Justice, Government
Prosecutor of Mirabalais) so that the presumed perpetrators of these crimes
will be sought after, arrested, judged and sentenced in conformity with the
law and so that consequently the victims and their families will receive just

In the meantime, the Committee asks you, Mr. President, for financial assistance
granting the relatives of the victims who are without shelter some relief from
their suffering and allowing them to face the difficulties in life into which
they have been plunged, notably the little Hussein Bertrand, in a handicapped

Convinced that this letter will gain your careful attention for a favorable
follow-up, the Executive Committee of AUMOHD wishes you to accept, Your Excellency,
the expression of its best wishes and respectful greetings.

For the Executive Committee, Atty. Evel Fanfan, Pres., Atty. Jean Evêque
Toussaint, Secretary.

cc: Prime Minister Jacques Edouard Alexis
Minister of Justice, Atty. René Magloire
President of the Senate, Mr. Joseph Lambert
President of the Chamber of Deputies, Mr. Pierre Eric Jean-Jacques

#4. PetitionOnline:

To: The Préval Administration-Haiti

AUMOHD, a new, non-violent, non-partisan Haitian human rights advocacy group
has launched a campaign for justice for the long suffering victims and their
families of Central Plateau, Haiti. The undersigned are joining the campaign
having read about this monumental story of poor, anonymous, innocent people
attacked for their political beliefs. They are supporting the call to the Préval
administration for a vigorous, thorough prosecution, trial, and reparations
to the victims and their families.

The Justice In Central Plateau Campaign is for the hundreds of innocent people
attacked by terrorist thugs–former soldiers and armed civilians — because
they were marked as supporters of the Aristide government from 2002-2005. This
was the period leading up to and following the violent overthrow of President
Aristide in February, 2004. Intimidation by violent threats, house burnings,
disappearances, and assassinations are the crimes that have gone unchallenged
and the perpetrators are still walking the streets.

No one helped the victims at the height of this madness or since then. Because
AUMOHD has gained a reputation for championing the human rights of the unknown
and the poor, the Central Plateau survivors called them to aid them in August,


If you wish to help AUMOHD, a volunteer organization, help these victims and
so many others in Haiti,contact Tom Luce. Obtaining
justice even in such a monumental case, is a slow, relentless uphill battle,
fraught with sabotage all the way along. The victims need more than legal help,
especially after the Jan. 10 earthquake.

Tom Luce, President, Human Rights Accompaniment in Haiti-Hurah, Inc.

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