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meorion  Dear Friends,

Time has passed since 9/11 sent so many Vermonters to do work to stop any more war.  The group April6Vt Citizens Lobby gained over a 1,000 members. In ’05 we morphed into HURAH, (Human Rights Accompaniment In Haiti) as a practical way of repairing the damage wrought against Haiti since it became the first slave revolt republic in 1804.
You joined us with others between 2002 and now and you all have helped us.
Now I’m writing to tell you of a final plea to make a current program become permanent.  After a bit of history, I’ll explain how this can happen.




This masthead had two formidable photos.  The first on right — “War Is Not The Answer”, “Another World Is Possible!”– was when we managed on a cold April 2002 day to get a decent demonstration in Montpelier.  The second photo (left) is of a soul-stirring poem written by a student of mine in Spaulding High School, Eric Hill.  It is still soul-stirring.

HURAH (Human Rights Accompaniment In Haiti – 2005-’11)

hurahFormed out of April6Vt in 2005 after a trip to Haiti to investigate the US role in the coup against the democratically elected government, we continued on the streets and in the jails accompanying street kids and helping form Community Human Rights councils to fight for themselves. We actually succeeded in bringing the massacre of people from Grand Ravine to the Interamerican Human Rights Commission.
We  had to close down due to lack of resources and old age.  See our history at


So as the years went by we collected good people like you and fought for     basic rights in Haiti.  I have been able to continue helping out with a scholarship program in memory of one of the human rights champions in Haiti Esterne Bruner in Grand Ravine.


  1.    1. SMALL DONATION TO HELP BRING TWO VOLUNTEERS FROM OUR HAITI TEAM TO OUR 5TH YEAR CELEBRATION JAN. 10.  Go to our GOFUNDME site.  Any amount will help.  To date we have managed only $200.  So we’re hoping our old friends might turn this crowd-funder on, maybe by getting some more contacts involved.  Our goal of working with our Haitian partners (allvolunteer) to have good exchanges, especially Haitians visiting the US, is what this campaign is about.  If you don’t use GOFUNDME, send a donation to HHE P.O. Box 8975 Emeryville, Ca. 94662.
  2. SPONSOR A CHILD: either you yourself donate an individual scholarship at $250 (full tuition and school supplies), or with a group donating any amount.  We will create groups to be tied to a specific student to build a good relationship.  We hope that using sponsors–only 100–we will be able to get this program–now in its 5th year–on a permanent basis. How? – send a check to HHE P.O. Box 8975, Emeryville, Ca 94662.  Or go to and use PayPal.

Once again, I want to thank you for being there to help us. If you can, help keep us going in the future to whatever extent possible.

Best personal regards,


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