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New Year Revival!

The news and opinion bulletin of Hurah

(Human Rights Accompaniment In Haiti,700 members dedicated
to non-partisan, non-violent basic human rights action in Haiti)

Hurah’s Blog
(for an archive of previous bulletins and history)

Tom Luce, Editor

“Old/Former” Supporters’ Edition

Dear Friend,

We’re back! Tom Luce here in Berkeley, and Gentilhomme Jean-Gilles (r)
in Port-Au-Prince. And, we hope, you. We have a big boost from a new donor.
Read on!

This is a new year pitch for you to stay with us in a reborn Hurah, a
group of advocates for human rights in Haiti. We’ll do what we’ve always done– advocate in person, on the internet, P.O. Boxes. We’re without
corporate status now and seek no funding except for providing Gentilhomme
some expense money as he still volunteers for us.

This is already happening thanks to a generous donation from a new donor.
Gentilhomme, our onsite “Defender of Human Rights” will be there
as our eyes and ears, as an advocate for specific issues. For new
folks, GH has been in the camps, working on our ag coop project, researching,
and being central to Hope
For Haiti:Education
, the scholarship program for 170 children
in Gran Ravin–a volunteer role basically. He hosts me and is my ride
whenever I am in PAP.

Human Rights Council-CHRC

There are actually many more of us. Those
of you who have been with us from the beginning know how unique the Haitians
are whom we have supported, embodied in the model of the Community
Human Rights Council-CHRC

We–Hurah, Inc–helped AUMOHD, our Haitian legal assistance partner, for
6 years to build 4 CHRC’s in the capital, groups of volunteers willing
to put themselves on the line to stand up for human rights over partisan,
violent battles. In the aftermath of the illegal overthrow of the Aristide
government it was a matter of life and death, the “war by proxy”
for our friends. One, Esterne Bruner, was brutally murdered, another,
Frantzco Joseph, was driven out of the area and we provided safe house
and protection for his wife and 2 children.

Above is an historic photo, Aug 07, when Hurah was able to bring financial
support for opening up an office, a visible, bold presence as the GR-CHRC
vowed to honor their fallen president, Esterne Bruner. They lost all this
in the ’10 quake but they are still there advocating. They are the managers
of the 170 student scholarship program, Hope
For Haiti:Education
we’ve consulted on with St. Columba
Parish in Oakand.


June ’11: Here I am with (l) Frantzco Joseph
#3 President of the GR-CHRC whom we had to rescue from death threats in
09-10, and (r) Jean-Ernest Point-du-Jour, the current #4 President. These
are fathers/husbands of children of their own, teachers, plus community
leaders. They have been risking their lives beyond being busy by being
responsible for handling money in a very crime-prone area. My hopes with
the reborn “Hurah” are that we can help these men and their
compatriots to bring more support to their community. After the scholarship
program for 170 children, Hope
For Haiti:Education
we’re starting on water and nutrition


O.K. If you wish to stay with us there is
nothing you have to do. I’ll keep your name in our active data base. If
you wish to leave us, simply send an “Unsubscribe” e-mail to
Tom Luce Should
you want donate money we will keep track, but are no longer tax exempt.
If we develop more specific plans that could use some money, we’ll let
you know the details.

As issues arise that need our endorsement,
like, for example, signing a petition calling for the prosecution of Jean-Claude
Duvalier, I will sign for Hurah. I’ll send a draft to you if time permits and you can “opt out”. I won’t publish your name anywhere in any case. I just state the number of our supporters. There is much that is disturbing in the
political scene for the future of human rights. If you are not comfortable
with this, you may “unsubscribe” by e-mailing me now. Tom

Thanks so much! And best wishes to all your
family and friends.



: for an archive of previous bulletins and history

To Donate:

1. Check to “Hurah” 1515 Fairview
St. Berkeley, Ca. 94703

DWOLLA is an internet, safe, money transfer for those of us trying
to move away from “banks”. They only charge $0.25 for a transfer,
or nothing if the transfer is under $10! Try it! Send your DWOLLA donation
toHurah at this address:

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