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The news and opinion bulletin of Hurah
(Human Rights Accompaniment In Haiti,
to non-partisan, non-violent basic human rights action in Haiti)
Hurah’s Blog:
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Tom Luce, Editor

Dear Friends,

We’ve been busy!

Thanks to several donations here is what we’ve been able to do:

  • We have met our commitment to Gentilhomme! We had
    to make repairs on his motorbike. We have paid his rent for the year.
    Then there are the monthly expenses: phone, internet, gas. And there
    will be unforeseen and special events. Please consider contributing
    as below.
  • Justice for Gran Ravine: Then GH and a Hurah ally,
    Nadine Dominique have been very instrumental in helping an historic
    major step in pursuing justice for the Gran Ravine victims
  • Hope For Haiti:Education:Gentilhomme has been busy keeping
    in touch with our Grand Ravine partners in the 170 student scholarship
  • Watchdogging The Political Struggles: with help from
    Gentilhomme I’ve been jumping into the political arena where the President
    and Parliament are severely at odds causing a lot of stress. Specifically
    I have written in defense of Sen. Moïse Jean-Charles, someone I
    have known and worked with on public witness, who has led an inquiry
    into the citizenship of the President. I have underscored the absolute
    necessity of the separation and balance of powers and mutual respect
    in a democracy. See our blog and check out the menu to the right for

I need to ask for $108
now to renew our website where we have our archival files on the Grand
Ravine and Central Plateau group cases.



The Long Haul To Justice For Grand Ravine

Review the History (click left)

5, 2012: Our own Gentilhomme (2nd r), our ally Nadine Dominique (3rd r),
and a half dozen victims from Grand Ravine meet to continue putting the
case together for justice dating from 2005-06, massacres and houseburnings.
The meeting, as usual over the last 7 years was facilitated/organized
by our partners, the Grand Ravine Community Human Rights Council (GR-CHRC) and AUMOHD

BLOODY MILESTONES In August of 05 and
again in 06 there were three massacres that totaled about some 70 dead
and 300+ house burnings involving Grand Ravine innocent men, women and
children. These were victims of political backlash, part of the violent
coup against Pres. Aristide which has been reported to rise to 8,000 dead
and 35,000 rapes between 04 and 06. (See
Their crime: accused of being Aristide supporters, members of the Lavalas
party. I call this the absurd but all too prevalent, “War by Proxy”,
wherein poor people are convinced of their vital interest in shooting
their neighbors who are supposedly political enemies. In this case it
was opponents of Aristide/Lavalas taking revenge once they obtained power
in February 04 and gained support from the interim regime of a Haitian
man from Florida, Gérard LaTortue.(illegally named Prime Minister
by pressure from the US, France and Canada.)

The non-violent approach: In this most unique approach,
AUMOHD, supported by Hurah, organized the 05 victims into an advocacy
group, helping to get the dead identified and documented for prosecuting
the people, including government officials–police especially–guilty
of this crime. Without this unique support these victims would have been
abandoned and forgotten and relegated to the history bins as one more
group victimized by the War By Proxy so prevalent in poor countries taught
by rich/powerful countries that “might is right”. The route
is tortuous and long as most cases that go through the courts and avoid
the violent process. It takes a tremendous amount of faith in a system
that is always flawed, but seriously so in Haiti. AUMOHD has worked laying the groundwork for judicial reparations as you can read in the history
So far one key case has been prosecuted only to be undone by the very
people in charge when Grand Ravine’s government sponsored crimes occurred.
This was the Raboteau Massacre prosecuted successfully by the Haitian law firm,
Bureau des Avocats Internationaux–partnered with the Institute for Justice
and Democracy in Haiti (IJDH). Other cases have been fought with some
success internationally. We are hoping for success for Grand Ravine. It
is a long, painstaking, slow haul.

“Idalia” twice victimized–son
killed, home burned, small business destroyed–has maintained faith in
the process as wel as the main core of victims. Leaders such as current
President Point-du-Jour and 3rd President Joseph (included in the first
picture above) continue to pursue justice, non-violently.

HALTING STEPS, ADD CENTRAL PLATEAU: The many years of work by AUMOHD did
manage to get on the agenda of the Haitian government which began an agreement
to pay reparations–the government was party to the injuries. The Prime
Minister at the time (07), Mr. Alexis combined Grand Ravine and Central
(click for history) cases–in the hundreds. No other
advocacy group was helping these victims. Then in 08 the Haitian Parliament
fired Alexis over the food crisis. That sent the Grand Ravine/Central
Plateau cases back into oblivion. Not as far as the GR-CHRC or AUMOHD
is concerned. And Hurah.

This year’s planning was facilitated by Gentilhomme
long involved with AUMOHD’s work. Immediately after hearing about the
need for Creole translators, Nadine Dominique volunteered. Nadine is the
daughter of Jean Dominique, leading radio journalist assassinated in 2000
and champion for exposing the injustices of the Duvalier regimes. Nadine
has worked with Hurah in the area of cooperative development and rural
sustainable development. She advocates, of course, for the victims of
the Duvalier regimes, her family being one such victim.

HELP! At this point
specific plans cannot be publicized but there will continue to be a great
need for financial and personnel support to keep the justice process going.
Obviously it will have to entail going beyond Haiti to get any justice.
Stick with us. Help us keep Gentilhomme supported. Write us for more details.

Hurah’s Blog: for an archive of previous bulletins and history

To Donate:

1. Check to “Hurah” 1515 Fairview St. Berkeley, Ca. 94703

is an internet, safe, money transfer for those of us trying to move away
from “banks”. They only charge $0.25 for a transfer–or nothing
if the transfer is under $10! Try it! Send your DWOLLA donation toHurah
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